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Who we are, Inc. (dba Aloha Street) publishes a popular website,, for Japanese tourists and Japanese residents. Since 1981, Aloha Street proves to be the most trusted informative media for Japanese visitors, affluent long-stay travelers, business owners, investors, and local Japanese residents. We are highly reputable and the leading media for information on Hawaii.

Contents on the website include where to eat and shop, fun activities, as well as celebrity interviews, latest news and topics, an event calendar and much more. We also provide area guides on the best spots around the island, such as Kailua and North Shore. For Japanese residents, we have a popular classified section,, which covers recruiting, room rental, buy & sell and service directories.

Incorporating SEO and in conjunction with our social media accounts, Aloha Street has a vast reach. Strategically utilizing social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, we have over 230K followers collaboratively. We continue to provide valuable contents for our readers and effectively introduce and direct them to businesses in Hawaii.

Up until 2020, Aloha Street website and Aloha Street Magazine were, Inc.’s core products. However, during the global Coronavirus pandemic, we pivoted our focus from publishing Aloha Street Magazine and instead launched a new service, Aloha Breeze, on April 29, 2021. Aloha Breeze,, is a FREE membership-based web service for Hawaii fans that provides the concept of “feeling Hawaii while in Japan.” Aloha Breeze provides online tours and Hawaii products available for purchase. In March 2022, we officially announced the suspension of Aloha Street Magazine in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability.

>>Publication Suspension Announcement (PDF)
>>休刊のお知らせ (PDF).

Aloha Street will continue to expose the latest information on Hawaii on and our official SNS, as well as offer services to Hawaii fans in Japan via Aloha Breeze. You’ll be able to feel Hawaii whether you’re in Hawaii or in Japan! Aloha Street media is the bridge between Japan and Hawaii and strives to constantly meet both our readers’ and customers’ needs.


Wincubic is cultivating a win win win relationship among our customers, readers and ourselves.

To our customers: Providing maximum satisfaction in various aspects.

To our readers: Providing better merit, more convenience and comfort.

To ourselves: As a leading media bridging Hawaii and Japan, we will continue to meet our customers' needs as well as those of our readers.

Wincubic employees will strive to raise their level of professionalism, while strengthening their bonds through courteous communication and nurturing attitude towards each other.


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